Bert de Weerd

I stand for inclusive design; every user should have a great experience. No one should be left out. Period.

My name is Bert de Weerd. I am a user experience designer. I design the experience a person will have when interacting with a product. That can be anything, from a light switch to high-tech simulation software or the controler of an industrial robot. Each user should have a great experience. To achieve that, I use all kinds of technology. I connect opportunities with possibilities to solve problems. I can help you with that.

Currently I work for Alten Nederland as a senior user experience consultant. While being a consultant I help my clients with validated designs for their projects but also with strategic advice on how to incorporate UX in their agile product development processes. I’m a coach to my UX colleques at Alten, I help them helping our client.

Interested? Let’s meet for coffee! Or check out my LinkedIn profile.

My profesional ux-profile

At Alten we needed a way to express the maturity of competences and ambitions form our ux-consultants. After a lot of discussion and creative work, we came up with this competency wheel that we use to match candidates to projects and to measure competency deviation of teams. You can create yours on the website. This is my profile.

UX competency wheel of Bert de Weerd My strenght is at strategy. I like to create well designed concepts that use interaction design based on research. I prefer to validate my designs with user research on interactive protoypes. Testing Hardware Front end development Implementation Interactive prototype Mockup Prototyping Graphic design Data visualisation Specifications Visual design Interaction design Information architecture User flow Behaviour Contextual research User research Market research Research Vision Concept development Value proposition Strategy


In the past years I’ve worked at serveal companies. At every company I worked for/at many clients on serveral projects.
I learned that I like to be operating in multiple contexts, that’s why consultancy fits me well.

Bert de Weerd user experience designer