My last 3 years while at e-dynamics, I worked on the Yoobi project, an online softwaresuite for businesses to handle time tracking, invoicing and project- and resource management.

Yoobi was ment to replace an existing product (mijnuren.nl) and open a path to future product and business developments.

I created the whole new branding and a design system for the product. Based on prototypes I built to test and prove interaction, usability and web technology, the product growth iteratively in functionality.

Most challenging task was to create a design language that would fit the entire suite of tools nicely. By following some basic rules I kept the many fragments in line.

After I left the company, development continued following the design system. I’m proud of the product’s current state. It shows the design has been a successful base and guide for the product.


Only a selection of projects is shown, as a consultant, often I'm working on disclosed projects.

Bert de Weerd user experience designer